7 underrated cleaning tools which will cut your chores in half

7 underrated cleaning tools which will cut your chores in half

When it comes to our weekly chores, we all love a routine. We clean our rooms in the same order, stick to the usual cleaning products and follow consistent methods. We do this because it’s familiar and trusted. However, did you know there are all sorts of cleaning tools available which can help speed up the process? You can even combine these with 9 tips and tricks to cut your cleaning time in half.

Whether you spend the majority of your cleaning time dusting, vacuuming or wiping out the shower, there are tools available which can make life a little easier. Take advantage and not only will you save time — you could get better results for your efforts too. If you’re keen to learn more, we’ve rounded up 7 underrated cleaning tools which will make your chores a breeze. And with the majority costing less than $15, there’s little reason not to try them out. 

1. Squeegee

Someone cleaning glass with a squeegee while wearing rubber gloves

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First of all, a manual squeegee is a lifesaver when it comes to wiping out the shower. An example of this would be the OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee ($9.95, Amazon (opens in new tab)). With one of these, you can swipe the water away from the walls in seconds, leaving streak-free results on glass. It’s much faster than using a window vacuum, or drying out the surfaces with a towel directly.