Bay Area, Southern California ‘irrupting’ in American robins

Bay Area, Southern California ‘irrupting’ in American robins

Expensive JOAN: I’m pondering what’s going on with all the robins flitting all-around right here.

I reside in the Crossings in Concord, and throughout the earlier couple of weeks, there have been 50 to 60 – in some cases it seems like 100-plus – robins searching, flitting, flying and hopping all around our central green house.

Far more than 10 have frequented our garden numerous periods hunting for anything to try to eat and savoring our fowl bath. In the previous several years, I felt blessed to see two or a few robins in full traveling to for spring.

Several persons have commented on the abundance of robins this yr. Do you know what magic occurred to bring them out in these kinds of fantastic portions?

— Debby Butterworth, Harmony

Dear DEBBY: I had an pretty much identical letter from C.J. of Oakley — and hundreds of robins have been observed in Southern California, in which individuals birds typically are much more scarce. It seems the whole condition is dealing with an “irruption,” a unexpected inflow of birds not usually noticed in an region or not noticed at that time of the yr.

The American robin is a extra-or-less long lasting Northern California resident. They migrate only small distances in look for of food and drinking water, so we usually see that proverbial very first robin of spring in the autumn and winter.

Avian industry experts are not positive what is going on with the irruption, but believe environmental variables may well engage in a function. Sierra snow could have pushed the robins who are living there to hotter climes. The birds largely take in bugs and berries, which are difficult to locate beneath a number of toes of snow. The Bay Location is awash in both of those, thanks to all the rain we’ve experienced.

When it warms up and foods gets a lot more ample again home, they might head back again — but with the birds’ mating period quick approaching, they may possibly finish up sticking all-around.

Dear JOAN: My 12-12 months-outdated Chihuahua-terrier mix is remaining handled for feasible liver troubles with antibiotics, prednisone and denamarin.

I have found that she licks carpets and employed pee pads. We have set up laminate flooring. I explained to the vet, and she does not have an notion what will cause the dog’s conduct. I ponder if you have a believed.

— Douglas Walsh, San Leandro

Expensive DOUGLAS: There are a couple of factors your doggy has taken to licking the carpets. The the very least very likely is that she’s hoping to come across crumbs. Having probably observed just one there after just before, she just keeps seeking her luck. I communicate from knowledge with my personal food items-obsessed Chihuahua.