Best Gifts For New Moms 2022

Shopping for a new mom? Word of advice: Don’t show up with a onesie and pass it off as a gift for her. The same goes for the adorable rattle or stuffed animal. These are gifts for the little one, and while they’re lovely and thoughtful, the best gifts for new moms are meant to make her feel special, which is something she needs and deserves—especially now.

“Remember that the gift is for the mom, not necessarily the baby,” says Christina Garrett, productivity and wellness coach for busy moms. “Often, new moms experience feelings of displacement when all the attention shifts from her to the newest little one on the scene. It can be easy to feel like their needs no longer matter or to feel like they’re in a rush to get back to their “pre-baby self.” Instead, thinking of the mom and what can make her newest transition easier is paramount.”

With round-the-clock feedings, lack of sleep and not to mention the deluge of crazy hormones, we guarantee the special woman who’s a new mom in your life could use a little self-care and pampering—and, of course, large amounts of coffee. Just avoid items that might make them feel like they need to “bounce back” to their pre-pregnancy bodies, warns Garrett. “Gifts to avoid may include clothes that aren’t breastfeeding friendly, clothes that aren’t made of flexible and forgiving fabrics, or gifts associated with fitness or working out as a reminder of how fast she needs to get ‘back to normal,’ she says.

Instead, focus on finding thoughtful items that will make her life a bit easier. From a healthy meal delivery that will save her time to super soft loungewear that simplifies getting dressed, here are the best gifts for new moms to get her through this wild new stage of life while feeling supported and loved.

Of course, it’s also OK if you want to bring something in addition to her gift, such as a distracting toy for the new little one, a splurge worthy baby clothing set or even that last item from her registry wish list.

Self-Care Gifts For New Moms

A Body Treatment Kit For An At-Home Spa Moment

Treat the new mom in your life with this Glow Like A Mother gift set that comes with everything she’ll need to boost recovery and feel a little pampered. It comes with a cleansing oil, body cream, body oil and nipple balm, all items she can use to start feeling more like herself. Made of soothing ingredients like vitamin E and avocado oil, all with a light scent, these will quickly become a staple.

A Calming Candle

For those precious moments when the baby is asleep (or in someone else’s care), help her recharge with this dreamy Glasshouse Fragrances candle. With scents of grapefruit, jasmine and orange blossom, this is both soothing and energizing at the same time, giving off a lovely ambience. The glass jar is also nice to look at and can be used as storage when the candle is done.

Eye Masks For Faking A Good Night’s Sleep

Eye masks are a favorite for any sleep-deprived new mom, but they’ll go through one-time use options pretty quickly. The sustainable Forever Eye Masks from Dieux Skin are reusable: use them for up to one full year, so all the way until her little one’s first birthday. They’re meant to be used with eye care products you already own, like a favorite eye balm. Put them on, and they hold skincare close to the skin for maximum absorption.

A Relaxing Face Massage Tool

This sleek tool from celebrity facialist Joanna Czech delivers the most relaxing facial massage ever. She can roll the balls over her temples, under the cheekbones, along the jaw and the across the back of the neck to relieve muscle tension and tightness. For extra soothing, she can store it in the fridge and the cooling sensation will help calm puffiness.

A Satin Pillowcase To Rest Her Head On

This set makes whatever amount of sleep she gets feel amazing. The pillowcase, eye mask and scrunchie are made from luxe satin, which is naturally cooling to skin and helps prevents facial creases and also reduces hair frizz (one less thing to worry about).

Fashionable Gifts For New Moms

Slippers She’ll Never Want To Take Off

She’ll live in these plush slippers made from recycled fleece. The easy slip-on design means she can keep her feet toasty during middle-of-the-night feedings and the durable sole allows her to keep them on even if she steps outside. Another thing to feel good about: A percentage of each purchase helps fund efforts to restore coastal ecosystems.

The Most Comfiest Robe Ever

On days where getting fully dressed doesn’t happen, this robe is a dream to wear. Made from ultra-soft, breathable 100% Turkish cotton, it has a comfortable waist tie and two hidden pockets and comes in seven muted shades including this blush tone.

A Chic Jumpsuit That Does It All

Crafted from cozy French terry cotton, this jumpsuit has a wrap front that can be tied and untied for feeding, pockets for holding pacifiers and wipes and a tailored silhouette that’s comfortable yet stylish enough to wear out and about.

Protective Panties For Every Stage Of Motherhood

One of the most exciting things about the weeks and months postpartum is the ability to get back into “normal” clothes. Proof’s Leakproof Hipster Underwear will help her transition into regular undergarments sooner while still offering coverage and protection for all types of leaks. Since they’re pricey (but worth it), they make a wonderful gift that she’ll undoubtedly appreciate. They’re also available in additional cuts and extended sizing from XS to 3XL.

A Chic Memory Book That’s Suitable For A Coffee Table


Precious memories shouldn’t be kept on a phone. Artifact Uprising’s gorgeous baby book will help the mom on your mind document sweet moments from that first whirlwind year. Each page includes space to put photos, plus prompts for capturing milestones that might otherwise be forgotten. If the child is a bit older, though, the Early Years Book is an equally beautiful gift that’s more geared toward toddlerhood.

A Special Necklace She’ll Cherish Forever

This stunning necklace from Haverhill is a beautiful and thoughtful way to commemorate her beloved new addition. Each piece is customized with the letter and birthstone of your choice and made with heirloom-quality materials like genuine stones and 14 karat gold. Not only is this gift incredibly thoughtful, letters and stones can be added in the future if she has more little ones.

Luxe Pajamas That Are Super Soft

Spending most of your time at home with a new baby means spending most of the time in pajamas, so they might as well be cute. These Eberjey pajamas are incredibly soft and lightweight with a comfortable relaxed fit. The button down top makes breastfeeding at any time easy, which is a big bonus. These come in a variety of colors and will never go out of style.

Versatile Sneakers For Long Walks

Comfortable and versatile sneakers are a must for a new mom, especially one who plans on taking her little one on a lot of walks. These On Cloud 5 sneakers were one of our top picks for the best walking shoes for women after testing; they’re lightweight, responsive and stylish, with a stable feel and breathable mesh.

A Blanket That May Help Improve Sleep

A weighted blanket can be comforting and relaxing for the new mom who is struggling to get some peace of mind. This Bearaby option is made of weighted yarn instead of the glass or plastic beads most weighted blankets are made of, making it more lightweight and breathable. It’s super soft and perfect for midday naps or late nights when the insomnia hits.

A Stylish And Functional Diaper Bag

A diaper bag will quickly replace almost every other bag a new mom has, so it’s nice to have a stylish option. “Most diaper bags are giving serious tired mom vibes,” Garrett says. “I firmly believe that mom feeling glamorous, even on tough days, helps her to hold on to a sense of her pre-baby identity.” But it’s also imperative for it to be functional, and this one is, which is exactly why it was our pick for the best diaper bag out there. The Indi is made of a waterproof nylon material, has more than enough space and comes with plenty of convenient add-ons. This includes a changing pad, wet bag, stroller straps, a tech pocket and an insulated bottle holder.

This Tiny Bag That Holds Diapers And Can Be Worn Several Ways

This hip pack acts as a small diaper bag, and can be worn as a fanny pack, a crossbody bag or a wristlet. It’s also an affordable gift option and one she’ll likely get a lot of use out of. Multiple compartments and credit card slots makes it easy to keep essentials close by, and there’s room for a diaper or two, a travel size pack of wipes and maybe a teether or two.

Luxury Tech Gifts For New Moms

A Device She’ll Use Now—And For Years To Come

Whether she’s in the trenches of round-the-clock feedings for newborns or lying on the floor until a toddler falls asleep, a Kindle is a lifesaver. The latest Oasis model provides access to millions (literally) of books, newspapers and audiobooks. It has convenient features like turn-page buttons that you can navigate with one hand while the other is holding a bottle and a warm light for no-glare nighttime reading.

A Smart Light With Calming Features

Waking up in the middle of the night and early morning is less brutal with this smart lamp that emits an adjustable soft glow. It also combines the benefits of soothing white noise and a natural sunrise alarm, and can deliver guided, pre-sleep meditation sessions when paired with your (iOS or Android) phone.

A Splurge That’s Worth It

All she’ll have to do is slip on these highly-rated wireless noise canceling headphones and the world will become blissfully quiet. (This will truly be a gift when she needs to tune out crying or other household noises for a bit.) Built-in voice controls also let her access music, chat on the phone hands-free and connect with other devices so she can watch movies without waking little ones who just went down for a nap (at last!).

Gifts For New Moms To Keep Them Fed And Caffeinated

A Coffee Pot That Brews The Perfect Cup

Just scoop ground coffee into the micro-thin stainless steel filter of this coffee pot—designed by British artist George Sowden—and pour in hot water to make a barista-level cup. It’s easy enough for the sleep-deprived to figure out, as well as doting guests who want to lend a helping hand (no complicated buttons or programing required).

Healthy, Delicious Meals Delivered

New moms have no time to cook (forget about dishes), yet need consistent and nourishing meals to keep up with nonstop feedings and caring for a brand new life. A meal plan option like Hello Fresh makes cooking feel less intimidating. This meal delivery service also happens to be our favorite for families. Plans range from two to six meal kits each week and each meal kit comes with everything needed to create a delicious homemade recipe. “Meal service delivery is indeed the gift that keeps on giving!” Garrett says. “Removing this never-ending item on the To-Do List can be a much needed relief for new parents, giving them the option to breathe, rest and focus on the changing dynamic of their family. 

Bring The Joy With Some Much-Needed Wine

Sure, all other gifts are great, but you’re really the star when you send some delicious wine. Cheers to this classic sauvignon blanc from popular Black-owned winery McBride Sisters that she’ll savor with dinner or while cozying up on the couch after Baby’s bedtime.

A Cup That Keeps Any Beverage Warm For Hours

A hot cup of coffee can quickly be forgotten when the baby starts crying. This Ember smart mug has a battery that helps keep a beverage perfectly hot for up to an hour and a half. It can be conveniently controlled by an app and has an auto-sleep mode that knows when it’s no longer in use.

A Spill-Proof Wine Glass That Keeps Drinks To Temp

And speaking of insulated tumblers, she’ll also need one for her wine, now that she can indulge. When you’ve got kids, you get spills, and this 14-ounce tumbler from BrüMate can help prevent messes with its sliding lid and shatterproof design. Naturally, it also keeps beverages to temp, so her white wine will stay chilled even if she gets distracted mid-sip. (It’ll keep hot beverages like coffee and tea steaming, too.)

A Takeout Meal (Or Two) On You

It sounds so simple, but a gift card for the new mom’s favorite takeout app might be her favorite gift. This way, she can order whatever she’s craving without having to worry about meal planning, cooking and cleaning (among other things).

A Coffee Subscription To Stay Stocked

The Atlas Coffee Club subscription is a great gift that ensures she’ll never run out of coffee. Each month she’ll get curated coffee made for her brew method of choice, and you can choose between a half bag, one full bag or two full bags. The coffee is unique and tastes great and may save a trip to the grocery store.

Convenient Baby Gifts For A New Mom

We did want to include a few extra special baby gifts designed to make the new mom’s life a bit easier.

A Luxe Bouncer To Help Baby Relax

A baby needs somewhere to comfortably nap and hang out when mom’s arms need a break. The BabyBjorn bouncer is among our favorite baby seats. It’s ergonomic with a soft cotton cover that is easily removable and machine washable. With a versatile seat that offers three different height positions, it can be used from 8 to 29 pounds. A compatible toy bar is sold separately to keep baby entertained.

A Minimalist Play Gym That Keeps Baby Busy

Gift something that will come in handy for the moments mom needs to relax or get something done. The Lalo Play Gym is an aesthetically pleasing baby toy that comes in soothing neutral shades. It won’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t involve flashing lights or loud music. The black and white toys will spark their interest and act as teethers and the mirror will fascinate them.

A Portable And Compact Play Crib

This convenient travel crib is great for at home or going out. The 3D fold makes it simple to pack up and go and it can be worn as a backpack. A comfortable mattress is a great place for baby to sleep or play, and the side zipper is a convenient feature. It grows with a baby as well and is a fun spot for toddlers to hang out in. It’s our favorite crib for travel, too.

Smart Play Kits That Boost Brain Power

Lovevery’s Play Kits come packed with developmentally appropriate Montessori-inspired toys that encourage learning. There are no loud noises, flashing lights or super bright colors included, which we especially appreciate. And yet it makes the perfect distraction kit that arrives in the mail just as you need it. You can purchase one play kit or a subscription that sends them out every three months.