How to Clean and Protect Laminate Floors

How to Clean and Protect Laminate Floors

Laminate is a well known flooring material, but cleaning it calls for unique treatment. Master how to clean laminate floors the right way with these specialist tips.

Many thanks to their very low charge, sturdiness and extensive variety of designs, laminate flooring is a well-known possibility in numerous modern day properties. Laminate floors are designed of various levels of artificial resources, topped by an image layer that frequently resembles wood or tile. And when the leading levels might search like wooden or tile, they should not be cleaned the very same way. This is why householders are likely to be in the dark when it arrives to recognizing how to clear laminate floors.

“Floors are one particular of the least-favorite items for men and women to clean,” claims Pam Clyde, proprietor of BritLin Cleaning in Round Rock, Texas. “And it is surely the region that will get dirty the speediest, particularly if a household has animals and youngsters.”

While the proper cleansing technique is much more associated than a rapid swipe of a Swiffer (you should not be moist-mopping a laminate floor), being aware of how to clear laminate flooring properly will enable preserve them in fantastic shape for several years to appear. Want to incorporate ground cleansing to your cleansing schedule? Regardless of whether you’re learning the very best way to cleanse your kitchen area or how to clean up a toilet, laminate requires a specific know-how. Abide by our step-by-phase suggestions and your laminate flooring will glow.

How generally should you clean laminate floors?

Your cleaning timetable relies upon on how filthy your flooring get. Professionals advise vacuuming or dry-mopping laminate floors everyday (the excellent process for the greatest robotic vacuums), and mopping and quickly drying laminate flooring weekly—more typically for superior-visitors parts. “Most people today cleanse their floors perfectly sufficient to get by,” says Liz Trotter, proprietor of American Maid Provider in Olympia, Washington. “But it’s not just a speedy wipe, primarily if your ground receives a great deal of dirt tracked in.”

Not cleansing normally adequate pitfalls additional than just a filthy floor. “Dirt is pretty abrasive, and when your floor receives damaged, it is more challenging and tougher to clean,” Trotter suggests. For that reason, you should really adhere to a weekly cleansing routine, somewhat than waiting around until finally floors are visibly soiled or come to feel sticky or tacky.

Why are laminate floors really hard to thoroughly clean?

Humidity is the enemy of laminate flooring, states Clyde. The exact same point that would make laminate flooring so quick to install also would make them tricky to cleanse. Laminate floors simply click and lock into location without the need of glue or fasteners to hold them down. They are typically explained as “floating” earlier mentioned a subfloor. This development is not watertight. If you soaked-mop or steam-cleanse a laminate ground (or spill liquid on it), the humidity can induce injury.

Because laminate, contrary to wood, doesn’t breathe, moisture will continue to be inside the flooring, rotting it and enabling bacteria and mold to develop. This is why the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) cautions against using “any form of cleaner that functions by excessive quantities of liquid or uses steam.” NALFA also advises towards using waxes or polishes, as they will form a movie on the flooring over time. Additionally, laminate flooring really should not be refinished, as they are not stable wooden.

Clyde endorses usually examining the products label and manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure the item is safe and sound for use on laminate floors—she has witnessed some TikTok cleansing hacks that “could harm your floors.” Even a natural cleaning remedy, this kind of as white vinegar, can result in destruction because of to its acidity, Clyde claims.

How to clean up laminate floors

A person matter is selected: You want to begin with a very well-vacuumed area to take out any free debris and get rid of dust. Just after extensively vacuuming the ground with an qualified-authorized vacuum (Clyde likes Shark brand vacuums with the roller brush turned off), get the relaxation of your materials. Past the proper cleaning resolution, you also want to use the suitable mop, some thing that can apply a answer damp, but not soaked, claims the NALFA. Remain absent from abrasive sponges or pads, and no string mops, as they can keep too substantially h2o. A microfiber mop or fabric is most effective.



  1. Pick your laminate-specific cleaning item and get ready it as said on the bundle. Keep in mind that some goods may possibly need to have to be diluted. If diluting, use chilly to lukewarm h2o, Clyde says, as hot water could result in the cleaning agent to evaporate as well quickly.
  2. Transfer to a spray bottle.
  3. Spray the flat mop head with just sufficient cleaner to moisten it. Do not spray directly on the floor.
  4. Commence at the furthest place absent from you and get the job done in one particular smaller portion, this sort of as a 3-by-3-foot sq., at a time.
  5. Shift the mop in an S-shaped pattern, rotating the mop head at each individual curve so that you’re normally shifting any grime or particles forward, not merely pushing it back and forth.
  6. Just after completing a area, use a dry mop or dry microfiber cloth to dry the place in the very same pattern. This will do the job greater than paper towels.
  7. Repeat until eventually the overall floor is thoroughly clean.
  8. Modify your mop pads at frequent intervals as they get filthy. “At some issue they get so filthy, all you are carrying out is smearing items all around,” she says.

Pro idea: To preserve their cleansing ability, find out how to clean microfiber cloths the right way. Clyde suggests washing microfiber mop pads independently from any other laundry. Do not use material softener or dryer sheets, which can leave a film that may well transfer to the flooring the next time you thoroughly clean it.

How to deep-thoroughly clean laminate flooring

Luckily for us, laminate floors have a protective coating, so they are more difficult to stain than other varieties of flooring. The very best way to deep-clean up laminate flooring is the identical as previously mentioned. You are going to just want to repeat the techniques as lots of instances as essential. In typical, you do not want to use severe chemical substances, abrasive goods or steam/h2o on laminate floors, even if you consider they’ll deep-thoroughly clean greater.

The ideal laminate ground cleaners

How to keep laminate floors clean

Floors are likely to get dirty. And whilst there is no actual substitute for typical, suitable cleanings, getting rid of shoes in the property can enable slice down on the filth that is tracked in. Clyde even wears washable shoe covers because she suggests that even heading barefoot can degrade floors, as the purely natural oils in the pores and skin of your toes can have an impact on laminate flooring more than time.

Though laminate floors are reasonably resilient and can be easier than cleaning hardwood floors, you will want to wipe up any spills swiftly to prevent humidity receiving in in between the boards. If your laminate floors are certified by NALFA, they are likely shielded by an in depth guarantee in opposition to stains, fading and dampness damage. And luckily for us, identical to cleaning baseboards and cleansing carpets, knowing how to cleanse laminate floors the appropriate way is essentially pretty uncomplicated and can go a very long way in extending the everyday living of your flooring.