Lucy Okunak Discusses Stone Flooring Designs That Will Transform your Home

Lucy Okunak Discusses Stone Flooring Designs That Will Transform your Home
Lucy Okunak Discusses Stone Flooring Designs That Will Transform your Home

Lucy Okunak is the operator of Euro Stone and Tile, located in Wycoff, New Jersey. In the following article, Lucy Okunak discusses 6 of the most preferred flooring patterns that will convey warmth, sophistication, and luxurious to the property.

The addition of stone flooring can carry a home from basically good or even gorgeous to opulent, refined, and beautiful. For the reason that every single piece is special, no two floors will be fairly the similar. These organic products and solutions are not able to be mass-created or replicated.

Irrespective of exactly where in the dwelling the stone floor is currently being set up, whether or not in the kitchen area, lobby, or bath, each builder and buyer can admire the distinctive beauty of each individual slab or tile. Lucy Okunak claims that the adhering to 6 style things can do wonders for a house that may possibly usually not get a next look.

Honed Travertine

Travertine is a the natural way porous rock that forms in the vicinity of sizzling springs. As gasses go via the physique of the rock, they carry with them the numerous dissolved minerals that make up the delicate styles. Honed Travertine is sealed and ground to a matte finish which provides the stone a polished search without having the higher glow.

Lucy Okunak clarifies that there are two key sorts of honed Travertine, substantial hone and uninteresting. Substantial hone is a matte, but the a lot more polished end produces a bit far more shine when compared to boring, which is a significantly less shiny matte end. Both of those sorts of travertine are typically made use of in places that are inclined to bear the brunt of weather conditions circumstances this kind of as mud rooms and entrances.

Traditional Marble

Marble is a leading-tier choice when it will come to flooring because of to its timelessness, longevity, and wide array of hues. There is nearly no restrict to the quantity of models that can be developed – from running board to major, wide slabs, creating this content a all-natural favorite amongst household potential buyers.

Just like Travertine, Lucy Okunak describes that marble ought to also be sealed appropriately on installation. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed primarily of calcite that contains a wide variety of other minerals this kind of as mica, graphite, pyrite, and quartz. This offers the stone its brilliance and uniqueness when lower and polished.

Rustic and Textured

Dependent on the architectural design of the household, slate and sandstone are commonly used to continue on the glimpse founded from the exterior. Slate primarily is usually employed to build textured surfaces that give the house a rustic, all-natural look.

Because of the richness of its shade, slate is a most loved when the designer is searching for a deep, magnificent gray generally changing the additional standard off-white, product, and lighter grey shades that grew to become so well-liked many years back according to Lucy Okunak.

Warmth and Sturdiness

Lucy Okunak says that terracotta is a common preference for potted crops, but its introduction into flooring provides that exact same common heat to the flooring. Compressed and kiln-fired, these abundant and wonderful reds and browns can carry the heat of the sun into any house that wants a contact of character. Terracotta flooring is a excellent selection for a sunroom!

Lucy OkunakDesigns

Lucy Okunak studies that several customers are pattern-searching for men and women, and as a outcome, patterned flooring is a subconscious reduction to the eye. Wonderful patterns can be accomplished with pure stone – the contrast of light with darkish to the zigzag placement of herringbone, stone flooring can realize any pattern wanted.

Spectacular hues and delicate veining incorporate to the vibrance of the patterns chosen and the toughness of stone flooring means the pattern will continue being stark and resolute for decades and yrs to appear. Lucy Okunak suggests that it’s no smaller speculate this substance is decided on to express these kinds of innate livability.

Fusion Appears to be like

There is possibly no better medium with which to convey the melding of two thoughts or tips than stone claims Lucy Okunak. The vibrancy of the hues in terracotta and slate or the delicacy of nuance in marble or travertine is only finding what to convey with each other.

Combining aesthetics can be very easily reached employing stone. The permanence of the substance can be merged with the transience of design and style to generate incredibly one of a kind seems in an infinite array.


Lucy Okunak states that stone is a amazing merchandise that can be used to produce regardless of what glance is ideal by possibly builder or purchaser. It has currently established itself against the warmth and strain exerted on it by the twisting and convulsing of the earth.

Given how stone merchandise are manufactured, it unquestionably has the constitution to endure whatsoever pressures can be exerted by the day-to-day travel across its glittering surfaces. The software of stone to buildings is time-honored as properly as it ought to be because it will however be right here extensive right after the natural and organic construction has long gone.