Sawmill Finds New Business Expanding Into Remodeling Market | Farm and Rural Family Life

Sawmill Finds New Business Expanding Into Remodeling Market | Farm and Rural Family Life

SLOCUM TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Carl Balliet begun his sawmill small business in 2003, harvesting and sawing logs for lumber.

Not long soon after, Balliet understood he required to diversify for the company to improve. Milling lumber was fantastic, but it had a restricted industry.

To increase, Balliet turned in direction of the dwelling transforming and new design phase, and in 2006, he put in products to produce tongue-and-groove flooring and paneling.

“I hoped it would get off but knew it would choose some time to develop a customer base for those people products and solutions,” Balliet stated.


Carl Balliett guides a kiln-dried board into a 4-aspect moulder that cuts the tongue-and-groove and also planes both sides of the board for use as flooring or paneling.

Currently, Balliet has a consumer base that extends from New England to Florida, along with a great deal of area business about the Luzerne County sawmill.

He can make flooring and paneling from a range of tree species, but pink oak, white oak, gentle maple and cherry are the most well known. Orders normally array from 1,000 to 7,000 square ft.

“There are not lots of modest orders for flooring, and most of the orders are to do an full home,” Balliet stated. “With the paneling, orders are mostly for remodeling a room or two in a residence.”

Although his flooring demand from customers carries on to develop, Balliet mentioned it’s crucial to preserve a consistent high quality. He controls every single phase of the procedure, from cutting trees, hauling, sawing them at the mill and turning the lumber into flooring.

The system is the similar for paneling, which is also tongue-and-groove and is provided in a selection of species, but pine and poplar are the most well known.

Before he transforms lumber into flooring or paneling, Balliet kiln dries every thing to lower the dampness content and to reduce warping. Soon after that, the boards are operate through a 4-sided moulder, which cuts the tongue-and-groove and planes the leading and bottom. To maintain up with demand from customers, Balliet has two kilns and options to increase a third.

“We’re most likely 6,000 to 7,000 sq. toes driving for flooring and paneling, so we will need to have additional inventory dry,” he claimed. “The house reworking products are a massive section of the business enterprise, and it’s absolutely enhanced the earnings.”

When it arrives to flooring, shopper tastes commonly alter, and Balliet has to hold up. Years ago, most prospects needed red oak flooring, but now, the desire is for white oak.

“White oak grew to become pretty well known in the last several decades, and just 5 a long time back, we couldn’t sell white oak flooring,” Balliet claimed. “Things can change swiftly.”

That’s why Balliet did not restrict his solution line to lumber, flooring and paneling. Because of the dwelling transforming and new development demand from customers, he also will make customized-produced bar tops, counter tops, islands, stair treads (are living edge or bull nose), molding, live edge tables and rustic log furniture.


In addition to lumber, Carl Balliett generates a range of wooden merchandise for residence reworking, such as customized dwell edge tables.

Balliet also will help maintain profit by not losing any section of the tree he cuts. Sawdust is sold for animal bedding, logs scraps are built into mulch, tree tops are lower and offered for firewood and other remainders are fuel for two woodburners that heat the mill’s properties.

“The options and takes advantage of that you can get from a log are unlimited,” Balliet claimed. “We’re a custom made small business, and you have to know what is likely to offer to make sure just about every element of that log is utilized.”

But there are issues — largely labor.

Like several other sawmills, Balliet’s organization boomed in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic when home remodeling peaked. Though demand from customers was soaring, Balliet reported it was and still has been tricky to obtain adequate assist to preserve up.

“We nevertheless have not caught up from the pandemic need. It was insane,” he claimed. “We could’ve expanded and doubled our manufacturing if we had the aid.”

The availability of certain tree species poses an more obstacle. Hemlock has develop into really hard to locate, as many trees succumbed to the woolly adelgid infestation. The hemlocks that do continue being, and search healthy, are usually dead, punk wood inside of, according to Balliet.

Ash trees have been drastically lessened by the emerald ash borer — yet another invasive insect like the woolly adelgid. Pine can be complicated to come across, and in Balliet’s place of northeastern Pennsylvania, white oak isn’t as commonplace as pink oak.

“It surely impacts my capacity to fill orders,” he said. “But the demand for house transforming isn’t letting up, so we preserve searching for the species we require.”