26 Cool Backyard Ideas – Tinybeans

26 Cool Backyard Ideas – Tinybeans

We’re talking the backyard that everyone in the neighborhood wants to hang out in. Or, if that sounds more like a nightmare than a dream (introverts, we’ve got you!), the backyard that the neighbors try to steal peeks at. Whichever one sounds better, we have the goodies that will make your space the kind of retreat you and your family won’t want to leave. You don’t even have to have a huge yard to create a private slice of paradise. There’s something for every home and family on our list. So top off that iced coffee and get those creative juices flowing with these cool backyard ideas that are fun, easy, and, well, cool.

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven


It doesn’t get much cooler than a restaurant-grade portable pizza oven at your disposal. And the gold standard (and limited-edition color, coincidentally!) is the Roccbox from GOZNEY. Crafted after restaurant kitchen GOZNEY ovens, the Roccbox is the world’s first and original stone-floored portable live-fire oven. The easy-to-use 950° (fueled by gas or optional wood) live-fire oven that cooks restaurant-quality pizza in 60 seconds. Ribeye steaks and more can also be treated to the Roccbox oven! Hello, Father’s Day gift…Available in limited-edition yellow, grey, or olive.

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven ($499.00)—Buy Now!

Outdoor Bean Bag Sun Lounger with Cover

Raymond and Flanigan

Forget those old lounge chairs with the plastic slats and metal armrests. This beanbag lounger is comfortable for any family member, lightweight and easy to move, and even includes a headrest. It’s covered in durable Sunbrella acrylic canvas fabric that is treated to resist dirt, weather, and harsh UV rays while still providing a smooth finish. Comes in a bunch of fun colors, too!

Outdoor Bean Bag Sun Lounger with Cover ($377.95)—Buy Now!