Best Mother’s Day Home Decor Gifts: Design Gift Guide for Mom

Best Mother’s Day Home Decor Gifts: Design Gift Guide for Mom

The Tasteful Home Decor Mother’s Day Gifts for the Design-Loving Lady

collage of a diffuser, serving plate and kettle
Here’s what to get the most tasteful woman you know this Mother’s Day.

Does your mom rearrange everything in her home at least once a year? Is she always swapping out the centerpiece on the dining room table and buying new throw pillows? If you’ve answered yes to both of those questions, you probably have a mother who’s quite enthusiastic about all things home design. And what better way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to the design-loving lady than with a special kind of home decor gift?

Below, discover some of the best gifts you can give your mom if she’s a home design lover, from a handmade magazine to replace her old coffee table book to wind chimes guaranteed to spruce up her back deck. These aren’t typical Mother’s Day gift ideas; instead of a last-minute Amazon gift card or drugstore candles, step outside of the box and buy her something she’ll have for years to come. After all, the best mom deserves to be showered with love *and* gifts on her big day.

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The Best Home Decor Gifts for the Design-Loving Mom This Mother’s Day

Say “Happy Mother’s Day” to the most important lady in your life with one of these chic, design-focused gifts.

  • Recently Photo Magazine App
    Recently Photo Magazine App.

    Recently Photo Magazine App

    What’s a better gift than a coffee table book? Giving your mom the ability to make her very own version. This app publishes a personal photo magazine straight from her iPhone by organizing and laying out the pictures for the user, so all your mom has to do is connect her phone for the first time, and let the app do the rest.

    Recently even selects the very best pictures from your photo roll, making for the perfect personalized gift and offering the best way to ditch the picture frames that already fill up her house. Even if you’re not with your mom every single day, you can send photos and make regular appearances in her high-quality mags. This gift is also perfect for a new mom, mother-in-law or even grandparents, because you can capture tons of baby pictures for them to enjoy.

    $12 a Month, Shop Now

  • The Live Beautifully Box
    The Live Beautifully Box.

    The Live Beautifully Box

    This gift box includes the ‘Live Beautiful Book’ by Eye Swoon influencer Athena Calderone, which is the perfect addition to any coffee table and provides home decor ideas galore on its own. The book peeks into the homes of tasteful interior decorating inspirations like Jenna Lyons and Nate Berkus.

    The gift box also comes with accessories to improve your mom’s home, including a white tea and honeysuckle Dream Luminary Candle by Lollia in a hand blown glass holder, as well as incense sticks with a matching dish and matches from Skeem Design.

    $160, Shop Now

  • Cariloha’s Resort Bamboo Sheets.
    Cariloha’s Resort Bamboo Sheets.

    Cariloha’s Resort Bamboo Sheets

    Why not say “I love you” with linens? This luxury home goods brand offers towels, blankets and more, but if your mom needs a luxe upgrade, consider buying her the brand’s fancy sheets, made from sustainable viscose from bamboo. These super soft sheets are temperature regulating and moisture wicking. Better yet, the buttery soft sheets come in rich shades like blue lagoon and blush, sure to impress even the most discerning home decor-obsessed mom.

    From $279, Shop Now

  • Tocca Cleopatra Profumo d'Ambiente Diffuser

    Tocca Cleopatra Profumo d’Ambiente Diffuser

    The Tocca diffuser is so delicate that it perfumes any room without being overwhelming. The diffusers come in all of the brand’s signature scents, but the popular Cleopatra is definitely a standout. The fresh scent is inspired by ingredients Cleopatra used in her beauty rituals, including cucumber and grapefruit.

    It’s a safe bet no matter what your mom prefers to smell like, because it’s so light and airy. Plus, the fragrance reeds come in a luxurious looking glass container.

    $54, Shop Now

  • Trova Home Safe.
    Trova Home Safe

    Trova Home Safe

    No one wants a chunky, unattractive safe sticking out in their otherwise perfectly organized home. This sleek, chic gadget can stash everyday items without anyone knowing what it is, for ultimate safekeeping.

    This technology savvy gift features an app, which it connects to in order to give users alarm notifications if someone tries to break in. Of course, if you are gifting this to your mom, it’s best to include a pricey piece of jewelry inside, which she can now keep safer than ever.

    $549, Shop Now

  • Olive & Cocoa Botanical Wind Chimes 
    Olive & Cocoa.

    Olive & Cocoa Botanical Wind Chimes 

    Has your mom been looking to spice up her garden area or back patio? You could buy her more succulents, or consider gifting her these blue and white wind chimes, made with contrasting ceramic beads. The fern fossil-inspired design makes for stunning outdoor decor, and the wind chimes even come gift wrapped in a hand-crafted wood crate, complete with a ribbon.

    $214, Shop Now

  • two lavender candles lit under glass gold accented case
    Stacy Garcia Home.

    Stacy Garcia Home Floating Vessels Set of 2 

    Every home decor lover has a closet full of candles, but if your mom’s looking for a new way to display her lights (or even her favorite flowers), try these elegant floating vessels. She can use them for her favorite scents, or you can fill them up with fresh flowers for her.

    $170, Shop Now

  • Carousel Bookcase Kit

    Carousel Bookcase Kit 

    Is your mom’s bedside table full of stacked books? Has she been forced to DIY an extra bookshelf in her bedroom? Consider gifting her this luxury bookcase that can easily slide into any room, while still looking elegant. Whether she opts to place her favorite books in her bedroom or make a mini library in the living room, she’ll love this inventive way to show off her latest reads.

    $1,100, Shop Now

  • Franconia Copper Kettle.
    Franconia Copper Kettle.

    Franconia Copper Kettle

    This copper kettle adheres to Ayurvedic tradition. When you fill it with cold water, let it sit overnight, and then pour yourself water throughout the day. It’s available at A.MANO Brooklyn, one of the borough’s chicest home goods stores, so it’s entirely possible you’ll find a few other thoughtful gifts when you’re picking it up. The kettle looks luxe just sitting out, so there’s no need to hide it away.

    $150, Shop Now

  • Airrobo Smart Robot Vacuum

    Airrobo Smart Robot Vacuum

    If you can’t be home to help your mom clean up around the house, why not leave her with something that can do the job for her? This super elegant, self-emptying smart robot vacuum is perfect for the mom who doesn’t want anything, including a bulky vacuum, cluttering up her house.

    The best part? You won’t be putting your loved one to work—you’ll be making her life easier with this gadget. Plus, the robot only has to be cleaned a few times a year, and operates with Alexa and Google Assistant.

    $499, Shop Now

  • blue and white Serving Platter
    Piano Piano.

    Piano Piano Serving Platter

    This tableware company was founded by Miami-based sisters Sophie and Kiki Weill after they were inspired by a trip to Italy. The colorful ceramic serving platter is a sweet gift for your mom, especially if she displays fresh fruit on the table and is looking for an upgrade from a basic silver platter. All of the items are made by artisans in a small town on the Amalfi coast. It’s the perfect gift for a world traveler.

    $88, Shop Now

The Tasteful Home Decor Mother’s Day Gifts for the Design-Loving Lady